This is one of my favorite shots taken this year. I love images that evoke emotion. Captured by photographer Shawn Walker on a cold January day. Check out his tumblr. This head wrap is very special to me. My mother wore it in the 70s while growing up in Nigeria and she gave it to me last year. So much history. This fabulous vintage top is also a gift from mom! She’s a natural fashionista. The gorgeous gold necklace peeking through was a gift from iconic stylist Freddie Leiba. I love Freddie! He is the nicest, funniest person to be around. He got this necklace in India : ). And last but not least, my gold chain nails are by my friend & celeb nail artist Naomi Yasuda!! She is brilliant and I am honored to have had her do so many innovative nail designs for me. I call this design “cheetah/zebra hybrid”. She’s the best!

*Interesting fact: My pinkies are naturally pointed lol

Vintage headwrap & shirt. Versace for H&M gold bracelet. H&M faux fur stole. Gold necklace from India.

I get asked a lot about this fab purple lipstick color!

It’s #65 by INGLOT. I also wear it here.

Smells amazing!


Joy Adaeze

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