Hot New Bags at Henri Bendel!

Hi all!

I just had to bring you the fabulous new bags and clutches that Henri Bendel has in store! As you know, Bendels is THE place to find the hottest and most unique accessories. Their selection is amazing and they are constantly getting new products in. Here are the latest in bags and clutches!

Kaia Peterka Leopard Clutches

On Left:  $345, On Right: $398

And another!


Animal prints are a HUGE trend for Fall and these clutches are a Fab addition to your wardrobe. They can easily be taken from day to night!

Paige Novick Studded Clutch


A total feast for the eye!

CC Skye Studded Clutch


As you see, studs are still a big trend for Fall!

Misela Handbags

From Left to Right: $485, $585 (grey and black), $660

These bags are Gorgeous!!!! This is art : ) Amazing.

Moschino Handbag


I am an avid BOW Lover. So I am completely in love with this bag!

Love Moschino Bag and Belt


So Fab! Love the Heart print!!

Here’s the belt


This belt is to-die! I love love love it! It makes me happy : )

Sylvia Toledano Swarovski Clutches


These are simply amazing.

Rocio Bags and Clutches

In front: $538, $460

$450, $438


Kotur Cute Clutches


Have you ever seen anything so cute?

And Kotur Handbag


You already know how I feel about Bows so this is a winner!

So there you have it! New hot Fab bags at Henri Bendels!

I am a stylist at Bendels and you can come in and shop with me every Thursday 10am-7pm

Friday and Saturday 12:30-8:30!

Happy Shopping : )!

So what’s your favorite bag???

I know its tough to choose lol. Mine? I would have to say is the Rocio wood handbag!

I NEED it : )

xoxo Joy Adaeze

Henri Bendel

712 5th Ave, NYC

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  1. Obi Okere says:

    Cool. I like the Sylvia Toledano Swarovski Clutch with the eagle eye.

  2. 2069354830 says:

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