My Radio Interview with Culture Shock Nigerians (Splash 105.5 FM)

Last week, I had the fabulous honor of being interviewed by Culture Shock Nigerians radio show on Splash 105.5. This show is run by Abi Ishola and her husband Kunle Ayodeji and it covers Nigerian music, news and best of all they showcase Nigerians living in America and their experiences. They had me on to talk about my fashion career, personal style, what it felt like to be in New York Times & Italian Vogue and also my experience going to school in Nigeria when I was 15. It was such a fun interview! I also gave my mentor-Constance White, my fashion inspiration- mom & my best friend- Sureme Laster Bey special shout outs!

You can listen to it HERE on My interview starts at the 8:00 mark!

More pics:

Thanks so much for having me Abi & Kunle! I had a fabulous time! Also, check out the amazing Nigerian songs they play during the interview break. My new favs!!

I have another great radio interview today with The Izzie & Ashley show on WRNU- Rutgers University Newark. Their show showcases Nigerian culture, music & fashion, as well as celebs & gossip. I am very honored to be on the show since I am a Rutgers alumni and also Nigerian! I will be talking about my unique sense of style, how I got started out as a stylist & blogger, and giving advice for students who want to go in the same path! Will have the interview on here later in the week : ) Stay tuned!

I love my Nigerian culture!


Joy Adaeze

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