My Top 9 Insta-Moments of 2012!

2012 has been a year I’ll never forget. I set goals and worked hard to see them through. I met and worked with wonderful people. Thankfully, I captured these highlights on Instagram including; styling my mentor and idol Constance White for the ACE Awards, editing my own blog for and writing for the Huffington Post. It was more than I could have dreamed of. Stay tuned for these incredible moments and more!

#1: My style blog: “Daily Style Chronicles”

I had the wonderful opportunity to edit my own style blog on for 4 fabulous months! Being a fan of Essence, it was an honor to share my daily looks with their readers.

#2: Radio Interview with popular Nigerian station: Shock Nigerians

Back this Spring, I did a really fun interview with Shock Nigerians where I talk about how I got into the industry and give advice on blogging. To hear the full interview, go here!

#3: Bringing my mom to NYFW, 2x!

My mom is my inspiration and has been a huge support system for me throughout my fashion career. I love her sooo very much! This year, I brought her to NYFW in February and again, in September. We had an amazing time! Here we are above front row at the annual Red Dress Show in February, where celebrities walk the runway.

#4: Styling Constance White

I have worked with Constance for the last 3 years and she is such a remarkable woman. An inspiration! I have idolized her forever, so it’s a complete honor to style her : ) This year, I did her wardrobe for the ACE Awards, where she was given the Marylou Luther Award for Journalism. To have a part in such an important day for her was priceless!

#5: My AfriPop Magazine 5 Day feature

I am so proud of my Nigerian roots and always thrilled when an African publication wants to feature me. Earlier this year, AfriPop Mag asked me to debut their new 5 day fashion series. How fab! They followed my style for an entire week, shot by the amazing Phillis Kwentoh!

#6: Contributing to FashionBombDaily

I am a huge fan of so I was thrilled when the Editor, Claire Sulmers, gave me the opportunity to contribute style inspirations! This one above was my first of many. It’s an outfit idea for Beyonce’s Revel show back in May! I attended and was completely blown away! Definitely a memorable moment for 2012.

#7: Contributing to Huffington Post

This year, I focused on fashion writing and was overjoyed to get the opportunity to contribute to Huffington Post Black Voices! So so amazing! I reviewed NYFW shows and covered fashion news. Special thanks to Julee Wilson for believing in me : ) xo

#8: Meeting Carine Roitfeld at NYFW

Yessss! So, I met Carine Roitfeld this past September at Lincoln Center for NYFW and it was nothing short of epic. Carine was on her way upstairs to enter Lincoln Center when I spotted her and mad a mad dash to snap a pic. I said “Hi, Carine! Can I have a quick picture?” She turned to me and then did a quick double take (OMG!) and said to me “You are so chic! You are like a gazelle!” And smiled! I died, of course. Then we took a selfie on my phone. And I proceeded to float on air! Swooned! She was divine. I so look forward to seeing her again in 2013 : ) If the fashion gods will have it. They must.

#9: Hosting Xmas for my family

This year, I hosted Christmas dinner for the first time ever! My mom and siblings came to my apt and we had the most amazing time! And boy, did I cook! I prepared the main event, the turkey, lasagna, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, coconut jellof rice and plaintains! Delish! And it took me 6 hours lol. Later, we watched Miracle on 34th St and Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular. It was an unforgettable night with my fam and I felt so blessed! Looking forward to next year!!

So, there you have it! My top 9 Insta-Moments of 2012! I wish you all a magical New Years Eve full of joy, friends, family and laughter! Bring in 2013 with a bang : )

I love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support!

See you in ’13!

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