Pre-NYFW Style Diary


Welcome to my Fall 2015 style diary! I’ve had the pleasure of doing posts like this for eBay’s Style Stories,, Germany’s RTL and Bebe, but I realized it’s been YEARS since I’ve done it here on JLF. So, here it is, loves. See NYFW through my eyes…unfiltered.

The Day b4 NYFW: (aka “pre-nyfw” as I like call it)

10950605_1569829439900471_349798675_nI woke up not really knowing what I’d wear (which can either be amazing or a complete disaster) but I knew whatever I chose would have to include this sick-ass Khirma New York bag from their Fall ’14 collection. It’s called the Angela Duffel and I’m kinda obsessed with it already. Many of you who’ve been following me for a while know I stan for Khirma’s bags. She’s just a genius.


So, I’m always afraid (lol) that I’ll waste a good outfit on pre-nyfw (the Wednesday before the shows start) so I always try to dumb it down a bit. Is anyone else as crazy as I am? I settled on this minimal look that ended up quite chic, but comfy enough to run around in to Josie Natori and then back the office. (check out my insta- for deets on each piece). I love how these boots made the look pop and they were surprising comfortable even though it was the first time I wore them. Win!


Got to Josie Natori on time and was really feeling myself for that one alone, lol. Timing can be a true struggle during nyfw. Hope I keep this up. So, took my seat and chilled for like 15 minutes. There’s always this akward yet funny moment before a show when people just look around at each other, like seeing who’s who, sizing each other up, who’s wearing what, random stuff like that. Like this always happens before a show starts. I was a sociology major so I love analyzing people in social situations. One thing I can say is that older women know how to DRESS during nyfw. They always slay.

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10525531_340844986109482_1349407625_n   The Josie Natori show was beautiful- awesome layering, luxe coats, those hats. Very chic. Great way to start nyfw.  

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A little after-show rambling while racing to the subway- it was FREEZING. But was still on a high from the beautiful show, bravo Josie Natori and team!

Headed back to the office to pack up orders for my hair extension line, Curl Sistas Hair that I own with my husband, Obi. We were recently featured on Huffington Post and Black Enterprise. Such a blessing! Besides fashion, Curl Sistas Hair is my other passion. I absolutely love it.


Later that night, Obi and I hoped in the car for NJ to go visit his sister (my sis-in-law) Chidimma and her newborn baby girl. Amazing. Something about seeing a newborn baby that really puts life in perspective. Like it’s truly a miracle. Big, big respect to all my followers who are moms. You guys are rockstars. Click here to see my new niece Ohesinachi!

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Our City Hall Wedding


Last week (Friday to be exact) I married the love of my life, Obi.

We got engaged last Valentine’s Day (almost a year ago!) and have been together since 2009. Obi and I met at Rutgers University as freshman in 2002 and had been friends ever since. Our friendship really blossomed in 2008 when we reconnected at a mutual friend’s BBQ. Love works in mysterious ways. We grew closer and fell in love : ) (read our full relationship story here, with a fun his and her account.)

Obi is my best friend. With him I’ve learned the true meaning of love. We’re soul mates.

Last month, Obi and I had a very small and intimate (immediate family) Nigerian traditional wedding. (Pics coming soon from that!) I’ll never forget the look on Obi’s face that day. It warmed my heart. Last week, we decided to make it official with a fun city hall wedding, here in NYC where we live. Very small and intimate, just us and our witness- my best friend, Sureme. It was a beautiful day full of love. Obi and I like the idea of the city hall wedding for its simplicity and honestly- we just couldn’t wait to be married! : ) We are planning our big wedding for later this year, which will be epic. Take a look at the pics from our special day.




















photo (31)cityhallwedding24

The Plaza Hotel





Thanks for all the amazing comments and well wishes on Insta : )

xo.Joy + Obi.

I’m wearing: ASOS blazer /Keepsake jumpsuit (via Shopbop) / Forever 21 coat / Zara scarf / Topshop pumps / Urban Outfitters shades / Hair: our hair extensions line- Curl Sistas Hair: Chi-Chi curl wefts + lace front that I made into a wig (tutorial coming soon)

He’s wearing: Tommy Hilfiger suit (tailored for a perfect fit) / Florsheim shoes / Banana Republic trench / Topman scarf / H&M shades

Photos by Roland Agli

Makeup by Alexis Williams 

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Reggae Inspired Workout- Brukwine (Review)


I’m the kind of girl that needs a fun workout. I get bored with the same old gym routine but I love the euphoric feeling you get after an awesome workout, so I was thrilled when I came across Brukwine- a reggae/dancehall inspired workout. Immediately I was interested! Sexy moves that burn up to 1000 calories in 1 workout. Yup, sign me up.

More on Brukwine: It was created in 2012 by 2 amazingly talented dancers: Autavia (Tavia) Bailey and Tamara Marrow, who have been dancing for YEARS. After doing some additional research, I found out that they use to dance with Sean Paul in many of his vids (check them out doing there thing in Sean’s “Temperature“). They’ve also danced with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and more.

I decided to give the class a try last Thursday and it was INCREDIBLE. The workout is intense and fun. You work your entire body while listening to the best reggae/dancehall music. The instructors are so nice and encouraging. There’s a great vibe with your fellow classmates, too. I even met one of my followers in the class.

The sold out class started at 7:45pm on Thursday (click here and here for the February schedule). First we went into a warmup and then the routine started. We learned basic moves and incorporated it into an awesome and sexy routine. The instructors are great at showing you everything so you definitely get the hang of it. By the end of the class, we were all covered in sweat and feeling mazing. I mean, I went home feeling incredible and full of energy – and it was 9pm. And I thought I wasn’t an evening workout person. I was so excited to come home and tell my husband, Obi all about it. (I even showed him the routine lol).

The next day my legs and abs were sore. YES! It’s the best feeling to enjoy your workout and see awesome results, after just the first class. I had tons of energy the next morning, and I’m usually a little groggy. I give Brukwine 5 stars! It’s intense and fun, and I can’t wait for the next class tomorrow. Check them out here and on Instagram! Right now Brukwine is in New York- NYC and expanding to Queens and Brooklyn but they are also coming to LA very soon. 

Tips: Things to bring to Brukwine:

-A towel. The class is HOT literally. It helps you sweat + burn calories. 

-A big bottle of water

-Sneakers (or heels). If you’re new to the class, like me- you may be more comfortable in sneakers .

Thanks Tamara and Tavia! #brukwinenation xo.Joy.

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