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joyadaezekhirmaeliazovjoyadaezefashionbloggerjoyadaezejoylovesfashionSpring has been in full effect for quite some time but there are those pesky days when the temperature drops and you scramble for what to wear. That was yesterday. All of my fun, newly retrieved from storage Spring swag has been taking up room in my closet and then just like that, time to layer it up all over again! Thankfully, I had a Joe Fresh neoprene jacket and Bebe skinny jeans (a gift from our NYFW collabo) on hand. I added some Bebe cap toe boots (another cool gift!) and then looked in the mirror and felt bored. When this happens, one of two things must occur. Either I change the outfit completely or I simply add on lots of bold accessories to wake up the look! I was pressed for time so I chose the later. I grabbed a colorful statement necklace I got in a random no-name jewelry store in Soho, a leopard turban, H&M round frame sunnies, and one of my newest additions: a gifted yellow leather and exotic skinned Khirma Eliazov clutch! All set! Whew, another outfit saved from boredom. Amen! Next time your rushed look comes up a bit flat, try adding some of your fave bold accessories. It works every time!

joyadaezestylebloggerjoyadaezefashioneditorjoyadaezeaccessoriesjoyadaezeeditorjoyadaezenigerianbloggerJoe Fresh neoprene jacket/Bebe skinny jeans & boots/Khirma Eliazov leather and exotic skinned clutch/H&M sunglasses

Beauty: MAC Magenta liner under Make Up Forever #36 lipstick (my all time fave combo!)


Joy Adaeze

Captured by Ashley Naomi

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  1. MissFab says:

    Love The Jeans Hun!

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