5 YO Instagram Style Icon Alonso Mateo + Pharrell

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 11.40.03 AMRemember that adorable 5 YO Instagram style icon I wrote an article about in NYMag’s The Cut back in June, Alonso Mateo? Well, the piece did amazing garnering over 2 million views in the first couple days and getting picked up by CNN, Cosmopolitan UK, Time, Daily Mail UK and many, many more outlets! It went viral!!! As you may remember, I first insterviewed his mother Luisa Espinosa last August here on JoyLovesFashion : ). 

I heard Luisa and Mateo were in town for NYFW (love it!) and they hung out with Pharrell during the trip, who Instagrammed the above pic. Fab! So happy to see the rest of the world is as in love with Mateo’s style as I am! This kid’s a star.

More pics of Alonso from NYFW:

51381f96175b11e387d022000a1fc4f9_7Shot by Humans of New York




What a cutie!



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3 Responses to 5 YO Instagram Style Icon Alonso Mateo + Pharrell

  1. Victorya says:

    I have been a fan of Luisa for such a long time and then saw Alonso and I’m now obsessed! I’m so glad they’re getting their props!

  2. Lisa Green says:

    This child is tooo cute. There is also another young fashion icon on IG. I think her name is Hail Leigh. These kids are awesome

  3. Chinyere Ukaegbu says:

    He;s too adorable!

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