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Happy Mother’s Day! : ) I’ve missed you guys!!! If you follow me on Instagram than you know about the new love in my life, my son lil Obi. On the early morning of January 3 my life changed forever when my husband and I welcomed our son, Obioma Leo into the world. The BEST day of my life. Nothing prepares you for when you take the biggest leap of your life. So many emotions! I’ve always heard about how life changing it was but I didn’t really understand until it happened to me. For the last 4 months I’ve been engulfed in mommyhood- breastfeeding challenges, crazy sleep deprivation, living in a bonnet and sweatpants but most of all experiencing the greatest love I’ve ever known! I am so thankful to go through this entire experience with my wonderful husband who has been so hands on since lil Obi was born. Seeing them together melts my heart every time.

When lil Obi was about 2 months old we had this intimate family photoshoot in our new apartment, shot by the talented Kim DeGooyer of Semi Sweet Studios (how cute is that name?). We had such an incredible time working with her that I will be doing a separate post on the experience! These images of my new family mean so much to me. I’ll never forget that amazing day capturing these special moments.

Now that lil Obi is 4 months, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. I’m so thankful to all my loyal followers that have been patient with me these last few months. Being a mom is 24/7- it’s the hardest job I’ve ever had but when I look at my son, it makes everything worth it! xo.Joy.

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Images: Kim DeGooyer of Semi Sweet Studios

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