On The Run 2 Snatched My Edges!!! (Review + Pictures)

I’m sitting here racking my brain on just how to start off this review. Ahhhh!!!! OTR II was just so AMAZING!! (My son Lil Obi is currently taking a nap which gave me just enough time to get this done.) So, here it goes: Obi and I turned Thursday night into the ultimate date night at Met Life Stadium in NJ to see OTR II. My husband is my fave person to turn up with at any concert – We are like big kids! So anyway, we LOVED the original OTR back in 2014 and were expecting nothing but greatness this time around- and of course B+J completely delivered! The show was LITTTT from beginning to end. Absolutely mind blowing. (Plus, B+J kept the crowd super hype even though the show had a slight delay due to weather.)

Going to a Beyonce/Jay-Z concert is something like an outer body experience. You forget all about your real-life worries and for those 2 hours you completely lose yourself in the show. Obi and I were on our feet from beginning to end, singing and dancing and acting a DAMN FOOL! It was priceless! Catch some of our antics and my fave OTR II moments here (SWIPE):



My OTR highlights: Clique/Diva- Bey always wilds out and I love it! She is life! / Bey’s snatched body / One word- CHOREOGRAPHY / amazing chemistry between B+J/ The MOVING STAGE / Surprise Ape Shit performance at the very very end (you definitely don’t want to be the person to leave even a minute early- you’ll be upset lol) / Jay performing is an entire mood always – he’s a beast / Bey’s gold dress that almost blinded me / THE VISUALS / Bey twerking in THE VISUALS (!!!) / I have too many highlights to  write honestly- the WHOLE show is a VIBE : )

I almost forgot to add this in. This is very important. OTR II is definitely not a rendition of OTR (from 2014). OTR II takes it to the next level in every way possible: visuals, choreography and overall experience (there’s literally a moving stage!!). You don’t want to miss out on seeing it LIVE- the IG video snippets/pics do it NO justice. Live is the only way to go. Don’t miss out! Get your tickets here.

I added my OTR II IG snippets into a Highlights folder that you can see here

Check out these bomb exclusive pics, courtesy of Parkwood Entertainment

Like I said after OTR in 2014– It’s rare to experience 2 super star performers sharing a stage for over 2 hours with such amazing chemistry.

Seriously the BEST concert I’ve ever seen. What a time to be alive : )

Special thanks to Yvette Noel-Schure

x0. Joy.


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