My 30 Day Happy Life Challenge!

Hey, fam! I am so excited to tell you about something I’m doing to build my discipline, create new daily routines and feel more powerful each day. I started my own 30 Day Happy Life Challenge and I begin tomorrow, Oct 1 until Oct 30. This challenge came about almost by accident. I was stuck in a rut last week and starting to feel down about how overwhelmed I’ve been- busy at home with both my kids (ages 3 and 20 months) each day and feeling like I wasn’t taking care of myself the way I need to. I was tired of feeling down at the end of the night even though I was busy all day busting my ass with the kids and doing the best I can. So, I thought of some things that would help me get into a better place, feel happier, boost my self esteem and discipline. Then, the 30 Day Happy Life Challenge was born!

The best part of the 30 Day Happy Life Challenge is that you can customize it to fit your individual goals/needs. Everyone’s lives and schedules are so different so it’s important to make sure the challenge is personal to you! That’s the main reason I ended up my making my own challenge- I needed something that spoke to my unique goals and passions.

I’m sharing with y’all to keep myself accountable and also incase anyone is in my shoes and wants to try it out!

So, let me break down each part of the challenge!

Meditate each morning and night / Journal once a day

I started meditating recently and its been the best thing to help my anxiety! I’ve really enjoyed it but I haven’t pushed myself to get into a routine. So, that’s why I put it on the challenge. I use guided meditation on the Calm app and also the Headspace app. Changing up the apps helps things not get boring.

Journaling is something I’ve been doing for years and it think it’s wonderful for self reflection and getting out your feelings/clearing your head. It’s also amazing to see how much you’ve grown when you look back and at how far you’ve come.

Move my body for 30 minutes each day

I like how this is so open ended which will help keep it fun! Working out lifts your mood, trims your waistline (Yassssss) and helps you stay healthy as well as get great sleep. I’m here for all of this. Some things I’ll be doing to stay active each day: yoga, dancing, cardio, walking outside, weights, jumping rope. The options are really endless.

Maintain mindful + healthy eating habits

I didn’t want to use the word “diet” because that can feel blah and limiting. I want to be mindful of what I eat by including vegetables and fruits throughout the day as much as possible. Snacks in moderation and I can have a fun cheat meal at the end of the week.

Write down (and say) 10 nice things about myself

This is great for positive self talk and building self esteem and self love. I feel good about myself but I realize I don’t feed myself positive words each day! If you think about it, how often do we really compliment ourselves??? Here’s the chance!

Wake up early each morning (same time)

My ideal time, my time for when I feel the most powerful is when I wake up at 5:30am. I’ve done it here and there these past several months but I haven’t maintained it! For years I thought I was a night owl but in actuality, I feel and work best early in the morning when the whole world (and my house lmao) is quiet. I LOVE that feeling. So, 5:30am it is.

Do 1 thing for self care each day (do something nice for myself)

This rings especially true for all us moms out there! We give, give, give and forget to replenish and take care of ourselves. So being mindful each day of my self care will be huge for me!

Complete the one thing I always seem to put off till the next day

THIS! Okay, so I always put off cleaning the kitchen and living room till the next morning. I know, y’all… I always have the best intentions but then by the end of the day I’m feeling over it and just want to go upstairs and relax! But what always ends up happening is that I have to clean in the morning. This makes my mornings so hectic between getting the boys their breakfast and cleaning. So,I gotta do this at night.

*Do one thing each day that makes my house more beautiful 

Since we moved in I haven’t done much to decorate which I hate! I need to buckle down and decide on what I want to do and GET IT DONE. Period. We’ve been at home so much these last several months that it’s so important that the house looks beautiful and cozy.


So, there’s my 30 Day Happy Life Challenge! I am excited to get started and make some real changes to my daily routine. Mind over matter! I can do it!

Follow my journey on IG: @joy_adaeze and let me know if you want to join. You can start anytime, just keep at it for 30 days!

xo Joy

photos: Shawn Walker


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