How my newborn baby finally fell asleep

Ask any new parent about what they miss most since having a baby and 9.999 out of 10 times they will say SLEEP. Blissful, uninterrupted sleep. Wow, even just saying that in my head sounds so relaxing. Every parent wants sleep but so little of us are actually getting it.  Almost three years ago when I had my first son lil Obi, the very obvious lack of sleep that both my husband and I experienced hit us like a ton of bricks. We were up every 2/3 hours throughout the night feeding the baby for MONTHS. One day after a particularly crazy night, we were in zombie mode searching the internet for sleep solutions. WE WERE DESPERATE.

Unfortunately for us, we didn’t have SNOO back then. So we had to go through a couple more months of bad sleep until we finally sleep trained lil Obi at 7 months old. It was an exhausting experience to say the least.

Fast forward to January of this year. We just had our second son, Chima and this time we were READY. A month before my due date I spent time researching newborn sleep remedies when I came across SNOO by Happiest Baby! I was equal parts amazed and intrigued. Could this really work?

First off, What’s SNOO??

SNOO is the world’s first smart sleeper that boost’s a baby’s sleep by imitating sensations babies enjoy while in the womb. It was created by Dr. Harvey Kemp, renowned pediatrician and author of popular book The Happiest Baby on the Block. The SNOO works using a combination of motion and white noise to soothe a baby the same way a parent would. The more fussy the baby gets, the more the motion and white noise increase to help calm the baby down, back to sleep. Genius!!

You can think of the SNOO like a nighttime nanny or family member who is on hand to help out. Back in the day, new parents had several relatives with them to help out after the baby was born- grandparents, in laws, etc. Unfortunately nowadays many parents, like myself and my husband, have to tackle taking care of a newborn by themselves- a task that is incredibly challenging and stressful. But now with the SNOO parents have an extra hand by way of this amazing bassinet, to help calm down baby – because when baby sleeps, everyone sleeps.


As soon as we received SNOO in the mail, my husband helped me unbox it and put it together. It was super easy to install and soon we had it set up in our bedroom on the side of our bed, ready for baby Chima. SNOO comes with a swaddle that attaches to the bassinet. The swaddle is available in 3 sizes, so it grows along with the baby. I LOVED the swaddle!!! Both my sons always loved being swaddled so that was a big hit. I also LOVED that the swaddle was made of organic cotton, so no nasty chemicals on the baby’s sensitive skin. When it was time for bed, we put Chima in the SNOO, pushed the button for motion/noise and voila, he was calmed and settling to sleep. Ordinarily, we would have spent several minutes rocking him to sleep, only to have him wake up when we finally put him down. Arrrrgh!!


So here’s the scenario- baby Chima settles down with SNOO’s calming motion and white noise, my husband and I tip toe into the living room and breathe a sigh of relief. After a long day taking care of 2 kids – lil Obi, 2 and newborn baby Chima- we’re ready to hang out and watch one of our favorite shows. Just as our show comes on, we see that Chima starts to stir and cry a little in the SNOO. Magically, the SNOO increases the rocking motion and white noise, helping him coast back to sleep. We didn’t even have to get up! OMG, success!!

What I loved about SNOO is that it helps babies develop healthier sleep habits all while helping parents learn to read their baby’s cues to recognize when crying is a sign of hunger vs the need for a bit more soothing. For instance if the baby just needs more soothing, SNOO will do the job. Best of all, this amazing invention adds 1-2 more hours to a baby’s sleep. Amazing!

What I love most is that SNOO gives you options for payment- the rental option is $112 a month (which comes down to $3.70/day) or you can purchase it for $1,160 (which is like having a nighttime nurse for $6/night for baby’s 1st 6 months). PLUS Happiest Baby is having a holiday sale right now for 35% off, bringing the sale price to $841.75!

If your kids are anything like mine, you will be so happy you got the SNOO so everyone in the family can get some sleep!zzzz

For more information on SNOO by Happiest Baby click HERE.


*The SNOO was gifted to me in exchange for my honest review. All views are my own.



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