A Crop Top A Day…

This fabulous look comes from Day 4 of my “Today I’m Wearing” AfriPop! Magazine week-long feature. I can’t believe it’s already Day 4!! It has been such a fun week showcasing my Spring looks on their site. And I am so honored that they chose me to start off their new weekly series. Thrilled : )

Today’s look is all about the Crop Top– THE trend for Spring, seen everywhere from Prada to Versace to Dolce & Gabbana. I am so happy that chic crop tops are in. And they aren’t you’re 90s, grunge style crop. The new Spring version is clean, versatile and dressed up. I am wearing a gorgeous knit pale pink version from Eva & Bernard, a very cool German line. ( I will be doing a post on them next week.) Mix in some fab animal prints and it s a go! I love that crop tops look fabulous will both pencil and full skirts. Perfect for a girl like me who like to switch it up!

I am mixing High & Low today with YSL leopard heels, Eva & Bernard crop & Vintage jacket, H&M skirt. Variety is the spice of life.

The Icing On the Cake (cake, cake : )

This gorgeous gold necklace is a gift from iconic stylist Freddie Leiba. He got it from India. I am in LOVE with it and highly obsessed with anything gold and black. Thanks again, Freddie : )

What a mixture of goodies! I love to stack ’em up.

Top to Bottom: Forever 21 tribal bangle, Sergio James wood/gold leaf bracelet, Vintage bangle, Thrift find, H&M cocktail ring.

Snake Charmer

Rafe wristlet, H&M cocktail ring & cuff.

A great, great day for accessories! Such a moment.

A Grand Mix

Vintage floral jacket. Eva & Bernard crop top. H&M pencil skirt. YSL heels. Gold necklace from India. Rafe wristlet. Assorted bracelets & rings.



Captured by Phillis Kewntoh

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2 Responses to A Crop Top A Day…

  1. SyreetaBrown80 says:

    I love your style. Your creativity with mixing prints is inspirational! Definite Fashion Bombshell 🙂

  2. That is one gorgeous outfit!
    You look awesome!


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