Camo Jacket and Leather Leggings






vintage camo jacket (LOVE this color!)  / Balmain x H&M shirt / Lauren Conrad faux leather leggings / Keds sneakers / Hat + shades: purchased in Harlem / on lips: Rooch by Colourpop (current fave + only $6!)

One of my fave things to do one the weekend (like many other NYCers) is to go out for brunch. On a recent weekend, I was in a bit of a rush and chose this outfit- which I ended up loving. I got this camo jacket at a vintage shop several years ago. It has a great story attached to it – I hear that it is an actual camouflage jacket worn in the Vietnam War. Isn’t it crazy what you can find at a vintage spot?? (I’ve actually had people stop me in the past and ask if I had gotten the jacket from a veteran.)

Leather leggings (faux like these or real) are an absolute essential for every woman at any age. It automatically makes an outfit look cool with some sex appeal. I’ve never really worn Keds until I attended a Keds x Refinery 29 event and they came in the gift bags. Now I’m obsessed with them- so comfy and a great addition to lots of looks.

After brunch, Obi and I decided to drive to upstate New York and check out Madam CJ Walker’s famed mansion, Villa Lewaro. While watching a documentary about her last year, I found out she had her mansion from scratch (one of the most beautiful in the neighborhood) in 1917. I’d been dying to see it and it was so worth it! Her home was absolutely stunning and what an inspirational story. If you are able to get to Irvington, New York- check it out. For more views of Villa Lewaro, click here


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  1. lifeshecreated says:

    I love thrifting and going to vintage shops. You can find some treasures there.

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