My 15 Pairs of Mercura Sunglasses for NYFW!


My history with Mercura dates back to 2010, when I first heard about the couture eyewear company from a fellow stylist during a photo shoot. From the first day I visited their Chelsea Hotel showroom, I knew it was absolute love at first sight. No turning back. I remember spending about 2 1/2 hours trying on sunglasses and chatting with the amazingly talented designers, sisters Rachel and Merrilee. Soon after that first meeting, our relationship blossomed and I began wearing their shades on a regular basis, for NYFW, features, and any other fabulous happenings. Their shades have become a part of my personal style. Above, are the 15 pairs of Mercura Sunglasses that I had as options for this past show week. Pretty amazing! Lets get into the details.

mercuraangelshadesThree different Pairs of monkey shades, 2 cherub shades and 1 heart shaped sunnie, invites to Tommy Hilfiger, Zero + Maria Cornejo, J Mendel program, and a gifted Duro Olowu journal set from his new JC Penny collection

This NYFW season, I wore the monkey shades in the middle, the top cherubs and the heart shaped sunglasses. The monkey’s are the ones I think I’m most known for wearing. They make people smile : ). Since February NYFW falls alongside with Valentine’s Day, I thought the heart shaped shades would be a fun choice! Adorable. And the circular cherubs are just so damn cool.

mercuramonkeyshadesThe Monkey’s asked for their own time to shine. Divas! lol

bugsunglassesDaily Front Row’s from NYFW, bug shades, carrot shades (!), 2 cherub shades again

The Daily is like a NYFW tradition! I love collecting them everyday at the tents (they’re free!), but I usually don’t have time to read them until after show week, since my schedule’s so hectic! I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of being featured on 2 occasions,  (here-interview and here). It would be amazing to write for them, I love their amusing tone. The editors are so fab! I especially love the Editor-in-Chief Brandusa Niro. She is such a wonderful burst of energy. We used to run into each other in the bathroom all the time when I worked at ESSENCE (the two mags share a floor at Time Inc.) and she would always compliment my outfit! : ) Swoons!

floralsunglassesTwo gorgeous, totally femme floral shades

These shades get me excited about Spring and Summer! Love!

rhinestonesunglassesNew York Fashion Week book, Barbie shades

This book was a gift from the author Eila Mell. It’s amazing and chronicles NYFW all the way back to October 31, 1993 when it first debuted at Bryant Park. Wonderful book and concept. I ran into Eila this past NYFW and she interviewed me for her new fashion series “No Wire Hangers”. How cool! I’ve worn these Barbie shades twice and each time they’ve made me feel like Cinderella. They are just so beautiful. Stunning. Even more so in person.

heartshapedsunglassesDried roses from Valentine’s Day, 2 lovely heart shaped glasses

I love dried roses. I think they’re gorg. I’m drying these for a cool home decorating project that will be up here soon! It involves candles, stay tuned. These heart shaped shades are another fave of mine. I’m such a girly-girl.


Me in Mercura from this past NYFW: Day 1-5

img_2043-1_ps_540x810Photo: The HeadhunterJL





Check out more images here from my Bebe NYFW collab and here from past seasons!

Now for the hard question- What’s your fave? I would love to know! Mine? A devastating tie between the monkeys and Barbie shades. : )




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