A Car-less New Yorker’s Tale…

joyadaezebeautyI’ve lived in New York for 4 years and it’s been AMAZING. Growing up in a New Jersey suburb, I always knew that deep inside I was a city gal. I love NYC’s culture, art, restaurants, events and yes even the noise. It’s my city : )

Now, NYC and I have our love affair and all but there is one thing that comes to mind when it’s time to venture out of the city: where’s the ride? Before I moved to NYC, I sold my car to my sister Angela and never looked back. When my fiancé Obi moved to NYC 2 years ago, he sold his car, too. The reason? Owning a car in the city is a pain. Serious pain: parking tickets, where to pack, etc. BUT, a car is essential when I want to visit my fam in NJ or friends. So, what’s a NYC fashionista to do?


Enter Enterprise Car Share: an easy way to reserve a car for the exact time you need it. Making a run to Target or the grocery store and don’t want to lug it all on the subway? Enterprise has your back, my friend. All you gotta do is go online, reserve the car, then pick up your ride at the designated location, and you’re set! Recently, I had to make a quick visit to my mom in NJ and I reserved the car for 3 hours. Worked like a charm and I didn’t have to get motion sickness on the bus. Nice : )


Post sponsored by Enterprise Car Share || All opinions and views are my own, as always.

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