Fabulous African Fabrics: Jewel by Lisa Spring 2011 Collection!

Hi Fabulous Friends!

Being Nigerian I grew up around traditional fabrics of vibrant colors and designs. At Nigerian parties and gatherings you can see outfits made of every color in the rainbow and it’s the most amazing sight!

While visiting Edite showroom recently I fell completely in love with the Spring collection of coveted luxury label, Jewel by Lisa. the designer, Lisa Folawiyo began her line in 2005. Whats makes her so special is that she truly takes ankara fabric to a whole other level. Her designs mix the traditonal African fabric with chiffon, taffeta, linen, cotton, chantily lace and silk. This makes it less tradtiional and more current, fab and fun! Jewel by Lisa is also the first to embellish ankara with sequins, swaravski crystals and beads. It is the most gorgeous, intricate beadwork! Each piece is unique and hand crafted. A fully embellished JBL piece takes about 120 hours to make!

This collection really speaks to me and I would love to wear these clothes this Spring!!

LOVE this collection for Spring!

Special thanks to my friends at Edite Showroom : )


Joy Adaeze

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2 Responses to Fabulous African Fabrics: Jewel by Lisa Spring 2011 Collection!

  1. Femiluv says:

    Hi Joy, I just discovered your site. It is FABULOUS!! Keep up the good work.

    PS: Could you do a hair tutorial? How do you get your curls looking so perfect. I’m Nigerian, and my hair is so nappy I always have to micro-braid it up or it gets really brittle.

  2. Hi joy,this is really incredible. Nice one Joy. Actually i own a Black entertainment/ fashion magazine based in the eastern part of Nigeria. we do cover diverse events,fashion and celebrity talks. We would like to get your fashion outfit involved in our subsequent issue( March Edition). please find time to write me a mail and if possible a contact through which we could meet or talk.

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