strongerLife is so unexpected! And sometimes we can get lost in all the commotion. Never forget what got you to this point and how amazing your are! You were born for this!

Launching Curl Sistas this past April with my fiancé, Obi has been such an amazing whirlwind. Our first two products: Curl Sistas Hair + CurlSistas Hair DIY Recipe Book launch soon and we have been working hard on getting things ready. Some days I feel like there is so much going on and I’m about to loose my mind and then I have to remind myself of this:

1- I am trying my best and I am enough.

2- I am not perfect and that’s ok! (no one is) / Do it now and then correct the course along way : ) 

3- Prepare effectively by planning and be open to flexibility as the plans change!

That’s what keep me stronger!

What gives you your strength day-to-day?

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Photo by the talented and super sweet Anka Itskovich of @the_line_up (Follow her!!!)

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  1. jamieherzlingerinteriors says:

    Love you blog!  Thanks for sharing!
    Love, Jamie Herzlinger

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