Vintage Willis-Bentley!

Hi Fabulous Friends!

Last weekend my assistant in fabness/friend Shaun Willis-Bentley and I ventured to a vintage warehouse in New Jersey. We spent about 2 1/2 hours at the warehouse sorting through boxes and boxes of men/womens’s vintage attire.  This proved to be quite the feat due to the dust and sometimes heavy boxes. But I was not deterred since my absolute first love is VINTAGE!! I am majorly obsessed! This stems from my strong interest in history combined with my ongoing fashion addiction. Mix the two and thus you have- Joy Adaeze: Vintage Crazed Fashionista.

During the vintage hunt I found a couple of cute rompers, some dresses and accessories, BUT the true winner was Mr. Willis-Bentley himself : ) Shaun walked away with pretty much all he will need to fill his Spring 2011 wardrobe! FAB. And in true form, I swiftly styled him head to toe with his fab new finds!

Check out our conquest!

Thrifting through the many, many  boxes during the search for fab vintage!

My Finds

This one here gives my a major Kid n Play flashblack : )

And of course, Accessories!

I love this watermelon slice clutch!

Perfect for a spring frock!

Vintage aviators and cat eye sunnies : )

And now for the fab Mr. Willis-Bentley! Styled by urs truly : )

Shaun and I already decided that I will be borrowing this sweatshirt!!!!

this poncho would also go amazingly with black harem pants!

I love a good pattern mix!!

Wow 11 outfits!

Of course as you can see, Shaun makes a fab model for these looks! He’s gorgeous : )

Thanks Shaun!



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3 Responses to Vintage Willis-Bentley!

  1. Dari says:

    You guys are so adorable!!! I love that guy’s afro!!!!

  2. chrystani says:

    They have vintage FACTORIES in Jersey?! Is this something they do everywhere??!!?!?!

    I am jealous. With no shame about it either.

    You two came out with some total gems.

  3. gigi says:

    where in nj is this boutique located? I wanna go!

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