The Roundup: Best Faux Leather Jackets


This past Thursday, I strolled past Mango minding my own business when this faux leather jacket caught my eye. Without hesitation, I walked in for the 4-1-1 on the jacket in question. The quilted appliqué leather jacket was a perfect steal at $60. It looks like it’s “real” counterpart in detail and fit, for a whole lot less. I fell in love! They were almost sold out in the store, but when I got home I found the jacket online in all sizes! Happy girl! I bought a Medium and Large since I’m not exactly sure how I want the fit to be. (This is a good tip if you’re ever in between sizes. Buy 2 sizes and then return the one that doesn’t work. Fool proof!
I shared my initial exiting find on Instagram but I thought it would be even more awesome if I found some other fabulous faux options for you! Below are 8 others that I love. We are deep in leather jacket weather (that pesky in between period) before it gets cold enough for coat season! 
STYLING TIP: Leather jackets are an essential wardrobe staple. Pair them with a cozy cable knit sweater, like I did above (this one’s also from Mango, for only $40), dress it up for nighttime with an LBD, pretty much anything goes! Click the links to purchase.
fauxleatherjackets1. TopShop, $116 / 2. Mango, $119 / 3. Miss Selfridge, $91 / 4. Mango, $60 (my new baby above!) / 5. River Island, $96 / 6. Zara, $99 / 7. Jessica Simpson, $76 / 8. Jessica Simpson, $76 / 9. Miss Selfridge, $65
Here are 2 quick looks I dreamt up!
Day: Oliver Peoples sunglasses, Mango leather jacket, J Brand jeans, Saint Laurent boots, Sophie Hulme bag
Night: Chanel earrings, Mango jacket, River Island leather skirt, Michael Kors clutch, Christian Louboutin pumps
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5 Responses to The Roundup: Best Faux Leather Jackets

  1. 7eventh Letter says:

    Very Cute! I love all the options. I’m in need of a cute “faux” leather jacket!

    7eventh Letter

  2. Joy Adaeze says:

    Hi! Glad you loved it! Yes faux leather jackets are so fun, plus they’re inexpensive. I just got the Mango quilted one #4, next on my list is #2! What’s your fave?

  3. Victorya says:

    Thank You! I’ve been looking for good faux leather jackets for the longest!

  4. Lisa Green says:

    Wow that’s a great jacket, It doesn’t even look like its faux leather.

  5. Chinyere Ukaegbu says:

    I love the day and night looks! Both of them make great use of the jacket.

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