4 Year Old Trendsetter: Alonso Mateo

Over the weekend while browsing fashion on Instagram, I came across photos of Alonso Mateo, a 4-year-old with impeccable style and loads of swag! I spent much of that afternoon mesmerized by images of him in his favorite All Saints boots and Dior shades. Amazing! He has more personal style than many guys I know. Intrigued, I spoke with his mother, Luisa Fernanda Espinosa (a true fashionista in her own right) about Mateo’s sick style and fave designers. You’re gonna love this!

Alonso Mateo

Joy Adaeze: What are Mateo’s favorite things to wear?

Luisa Fernanda: His favorite things to wear, as you can see by pics, are combat boots and sunglasses. He had an obsession with bowties that lasted several weeks, too, around two or three months ago and we would go shopping for the prints he liked most, which we had fun doing together because it was my excuse to go the mall one more time! Ha!

JA: Do you usually pick out his outfits or does he choose?

LF: We pick outfits together. He asks in the mornings for a specific thing. This can vary from a bowtie, jeans, loafers, certain sneakers, a suit, etc…

JA: What are his favorite stores?

LF:  He loves Little Marc Jacobs, Crewcuts, American Apparel, Dior, Kitson Kids, and All Saints – but they recently closed the children’s department. Nordstrom and Bloomingdales are the departments stores where I find good brands for him, too, like Peek and Diesel.

More images of Mateo’s fab style:

Oh, just on his way to pre-school.

Love Everything!

And now, Luisa:

I fell hard for Luisa’s style; especially her statement accessories, bold separates and penchant for print.

A striped turban, a girl after my own heart : )

I have no words for those Givenchy boots. 

*Luisa’s originally from Monterrey, Mexico but recently moved to Laguna, Ca. Laguna just got really, really chic.*

JA: You are so stylish! Who are your favorite designers and stores/boutiques?

LF: My favorite designers are Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy and Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga. I also love Marni for their amazing prints, Miu Miu for their dresses and cool prints too. Acne, Isabel Marant, Topshop, Maje are some of my favorites too. My top fave store is Opening Ceremony and Barneys. I love that Opening Ceremony has new up and coming, original designers and always has something I will go crazy for! I personally cannot go without a pair of J Brand or Current/Elliot jeans, an Alexander Wang basic T-shirt, any kind of tall heels and an oversized pair of sunglasses…

 JA: What are your favorite fashion blogs?

 LF: I’m a big fan of Man Repeller, as well as Hanneli’s, Prince Pelayo’s, Aziza Azim’s and Ascotfriday’s.

*I, too, have gotten completely, utterly hooked on Prince Pelayo’s “Kate Loves Me” blog. And so will you!*
More pics, enjoy!!!
So much style in one place. I can’t.
This cuff is AMAZING.
I’ve got my eyes on those Giuseppes, Luisa : )! Lovely.
Alonso, this look is killera.
Yes and yes to the gold Isabel Marant sneaks.
Shoes Luisa packed for a recent trip.
Special thanks to Luisa Fernanda Espinosa and Alonso Mateo for the fab feature! So inspiring!
For more chic pics like these, follow Luisa on Instagram: @luisafere
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  1. Diaryofmystylishworld says:

    Thanks , I’m following them now. I love your fashion risks, you have GREAT style.

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    Super beijo amores ♥

  3. Francisco Thurston says:

    Hi. I know this is going to be a random but I’ve been googling all night, what is the best way to try and get in contact with Luisa? Trying to contact her about a styling gig. Read your article and figured you might have some insight. Thanks so much 🙂

  4. yudha says:

    wow … amazing

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