Afro-Punk Festival 2012


Yesterday, I attended the 8th annual Afro-Punk festival at Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park and I had a blast! There were vintage fashion and accessory booths, amazing personal style, music from my favorite Djs: E.Z.Mo Breezy (the 2 guys who throw the epic Grits and Biscuits dance parties), bikes and and out of this world performance by Janelle Monae!

I wore my favorite Keith Haring necklace and an arm full of bangles that I got in New Jersey.

There was so much exciting fashion, here are my favorites of the day:

Purple Pill Babies

I need the Janelle Monae and Grace Jones earrings!

Sick vintage hat

Then, I ventured over to Dallas & Dynasty’s booth:

The jewelry is designed by Keino Glennie. His pieces are so my style.

Biddies and Blokes:

Vintage sequined shirt and jacket from Biddies & Blokes! I love the name : ) And the owner Sunnie Bridges and I had so much fun chatting. Great girl! Here’s her arm candy for the day:

Eclectic and textural, I want it all.

Next, I stumbled upon some gorgeous African pants-

Lovely! I will have to get some trousers and lots and lots of other pieces made when I go back to Nigeria!

And there was beautiful artwork too:


Afro-Punk was a lively mix of fashion, art and music- 3 of my favorite things! I will surely be back next year. Also, can’t wait to scope out my work by the 3 fabulous vendors that I met- Purple Pill Babies, Dallas & Dynasty and Biddies & Blokes!




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