Recent Purchases: Mango + TopShop (Insta-pics)


You may have noticed that I recently started a new series on the blog called: The Roundup. Here, I do a collection of my favorite things, from staples (like leather jackets) to trends (like boyfriend coats). Which brings us to this post. When I roundup fab clothing and accessories for you I am also shopping for myself! (Note: this can be dangerous!) I get inspired just as much as you do! Recently I picked up the lime green coat above from the Boyfriend Coat roundup. The color is what drew me in. I’ve been wearing darker colors now that’s it’s gotten colder and the bright hue is perfect! This coat is on the lighter side (in terms of weight) so feel free to layer, layer, layer! I liked the idea of pairing it with my fur vest. Price: $196 and if you are interested, there are 3 more sizes left. Check it out here!


with my blogger boo Natalie of Natalie Off Duty at her Express event last week

I was in need of a leather jacket when I ran into this awesome faux one at Mango. But disaster struck when they didn’t have my size (medium) in black. A day later the coveted medium appeared on Mango’s website and was thrilled! I had to share my good find so I created this Faux Leather Jacket roundup along with 8 other faux leather jackets I was lusting after! This Mango one in black has since sold out but they have it in limited sizes in brown here. Or you can give them your email and they’ll alert you when it’s back in stock! Price: $60 (yup, so good!)

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5 Responses to Recent Purchases: Mango + TopShop (Insta-pics)

  1. StylePoise says:

    Love the green jacket!

  2. Joy Adaeze says:

    Thanks so much hun : )

  3. Victorya says:

    Its so nice to see you flaunt the trends you promote! We get a good idea of how to wear the pieces, thank you!

  4. Lisa Green says:

    I absolutely love the lime green. Its such a bold and fashionable color especially on that coat.

  5. Chinyere Ukaegbu says:

    That green coat is so chic! And the added fur vest just turns it up a notch. Go off!

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